Treat yourself or a loved one with one of DJ Livias classic item from her collection. DJ Livias hoodie comes with an autogrpahed poster signed out to your name and a Free pop socket

DJ Livia's Hoodie

Color: Black
    • These special edition Hoodies are inspired by DJ Livia herself.
    • Featuring the DJ Livia logo design print on the front and the "Better Ask Somebody" design printed on the back
    • Sleeves Featuring "TMT The Money Teams"
    • In white on black 
    • 100% cotton
    • Always wash my items in cold water.
    • All Varient images are not actual representation, therefore actual items may vary.
    • At times of high traffic to new LiviaNation store, please allow 2-3 extra business days 



    Thanks LiviaNation!